Friday, August 28, 2009

It's a windy Friday....

I suffer with hayfever, and this wind doesn't help. But, thankgoodness for flixonase cause that does help. I was determined to ignor the blog until I had two competition pieces finished plus my YOJ piece. The 1960's..... To be honest I can't remember what sort of jewellery I wore way back then, it was all about mini skirts, pointed toe shoes, back combed hair, flowery shift dresses (I remember those) I recall medallions on long chains, think I had one of those! So I tried making one, absolutely hated it. It's now in the UFO box. Decided I would go with the flower power theme and a brooch was born......
I didn't have a clue what I was making when I started with 18g peach coloured artistic wire, I sort of had a pendant in mind (type of medallion type thing!). Then out came the 28g copper wire and the crochet hook, my favourite tool. Crochet patterns came out next and the flower and leaf began to take shape. It didn't look quite right as a pendant so I stitched a brooch back to it and........ voila! que c'est bon?


  1. Jen I really do love it, very organic and wistful looking a real 60's piece. Just as well you made a flower, like you hayfever sniff sniff archoo!!!

  2. Oh thanks Leeanne, I did wonder about it for awhile there, but it's grown on me now, hehe. Try the flixonase if you haven't already, I got some last year and wondered why I hadn't got it before, it worked that quick. But then again I only started getting hayfever since we moved to Blenheim, it's those pesky pine trees and their yellow blossoms.