Sunday, October 11, 2009

The sun is shining for me and my man.....

I've just recently made some jewellery just for me. I prefer to wear gold although I do mix and match from time to time. These pieces I'll be wearing for the first time at a wedding next month, now I have to look for an outfit to match my jewellery!
And it's roast lunch time again very soon, only I won't be cooking it! Too busy doing other things like this very pretty embellished button, and there's more in the pipe line. That's a miniature cup and saucer by the way, not a huge great button!


  1. hahaha, what a relief Jen, I thought you'd beaded the biggest button ever!
    I love that you you are buying an outfit to match your jewellery and not the other way around, have fun searching.

  2. Yeah thanks Em, I've got a top from an op show would you believe! I love op shops.

  3. Now those are very lovely jen, particulary like the knot necklace, howd ya do it ;), he he sound like me, make a fab piece and need a new outfit to go with it lmao. What a loveley wee button, good idea using the teeny teacup, now i know what to do with daughters china set:)

  4. Thanks Leeanne, that's a Chinese snake knot tied, would you believe, with gold metallic cord from the $2 shop, because I couldn't find what I wanted from anywhere else! Had to improvise!! And I got the tea set from an op shop, was going to give it to one of the grand daughters....... But didn't! I'm not silly!