Saturday, May 22, 2010

A brooch that isn't a brooch....

It's gonna be a hair tie, or decoration for the hair, but it can still be a brooch! And it's for Sam.


  1. Hi Jen Love your felt flower brooches. Is it your own felting? The beads and wire works just add that wow finish.I've just finishing off some felt brooches and bags for a our weavers club sale QB weekend.Must take photos before w/end. Hope you are staying warm and dry.Edith (sunflower28)

  2. Hi Edith, sorry I haven't replied to your comment before, only just seen it actually. Anyway thanks, and no the felt flowers were done by another beady lass called Kerryn, they were her first batch and she gave them to me....lucky ole me. Would love to see your photos. Yep keeping warm and dry. Take care, pop in again soon.