Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trying out lots of new stuff!

Last couple of weeks I've taught myself to knit with hoooooge knitting needles, like......25mm! So much fun if you use the right yarn, which I didn't so got myself into all sorts of muddles. Picture to come when item is finished.

Also learnt tunisian or afghan crochet stitch, again lots of fun.

And for the beads, I learnt how to do Russian Spiral Weave. And then proceeded to make a necklace.


  1. Hey Jen, I love knitting with big needles, it rows so much quicker and I'm very impatient! I usually about 7-10mm. Can't wait to see what you made. Oh and your russian spiral is just beautiful x

  2. Hi Emma, And thank you. Yeah I usually use 10 or 15mm needles but these 25mm are great. Meant to take a pic today, but forgot!