Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's not the prize that's important, it's the kudos that gives the buzz....

Hi Jen
Thanks so much for entering the challenge with your gorgeous "Parterre de Fleurs" bracelet - there were only 3 votes between you and the winner (out of 112 votes altogether), so it was very close.
I must apologise for mis-spelling your surname in the newsletter, I have just realised that it's e before i.
Your voucher is attached and is valid until the end of November 2011 - you might want to hold onto it as we're launching a sale in the next few days :)
Thought you might like to read a few of the comments from your voters to make you smile ...
hi I would like to vote for Jen Mieklejohn beautiful creation
i love the combination of colours and textures
Open Category: "Parterre de Fleurs" Bracelet by Jen Mieklejohn of Jenz Designs
I can't even begin to imagine how much effort went in to designing and making that bracelet.

entry # 13 by Jen Mieklejohn. It reminds me of the spring time and I think it is really beautiful.
My vote is for:
Entry No. 13 - "Parterre de Fleurs" Bracelet by Jen Mieklejohn of Jenz Designs

Its so delicate yet bold, caught my eye straight away and still my fav!!!

Entry No. 13 - "Parterre de Fleurs" Bracelet by Jen Mieklejohn of Jenz Designs

I like the great use of colour in this lovely bracelet by Jen.

I would like to vote for the following entries please
Entry 13 - Jenz Designs
Entry 5B - Iron Butterfly

Reason that I chose both pieces is that I find them both visually more appealing to me with the colours and the amount of time each of these ladies put into their piece. They feel more like spring to me than the other pieces

My Open Category selection is: No13 as "Parterre de Fleurs" beautifully sums up the wonderfully and delicately created October Spring-time coloured bracelet

The spring time flower bed truly shows the freshness of new life, depicting how beautiful spring-time is. I like the spiral weave stitch and Jen's use of a mix of seed beads, charms, Czech baby bell flower beads and crystals, pearls, Amethyst chips, Jade chips, Lucite flower beads and a pearly button clasp making this bracelet a joy to behold. Oh! to own it.

... you may have some idea who sent in this last one - I am guessing Alvyn is your wonderfully supportive husband? :)
Thanks again Jen and well done, your work is exquisite.
Jo :)
Jo Lewin

Thank you to those that left such lovely comments and voted for my bracelet.

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