Sunday, March 3, 2013

Once upon a time, in a land far far away.......

Well New Zealand actually! I haven't done much talking to myself for ages going by my last post. And also haven't done much in the way of jewellery making either. Gave it up for awhile last May and started knitting and crocheting instead. Made a few bits and bobs (earrings & hair clip thingys) for the girls at Xmas, and that's about it.  Tried getting back into it a couple of times, in fact I have a free form peyote bracelet that I started weeks ago still on the beading tray.  The garden projects have been enough for me just lately, lots going on there.  Quite enjoying it too, wish it wasn't so knackering though! Thank goodness for Epsom Salts baths.  Yesterday we spent 4 hours painting here, there and everywhere.  It's going to look so clean, neat and tidy when it's all done...............and so different from the usual 'mess'.   Forgot to take 'before' photos, but will definitely take 'afters'.  So looking forward to having my 'quiet corner' back, that's a part of the garden where we have a swing seat and it's nice and private, perfect for 'time out time' and quietly reading, or just sitting and thinking (or not thinking!).  In the mean time, it's back to the typing, the work sort of typing.  And then, dinner out tonight, because we can!  Oh! And because I was so fed up with having so much jewellery around me........................ I gave it all away! To our local hospice shop. Felt really, really good.

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