Sunday, September 13, 2009

Out with the paper, time to make some boxes for a change

I found this flower I'd dried flat in a book some time ago, forgotten all about it until it popped out of the book. So got cracking making what I call my cup cake boxes, not that I've made any cup cakes but the idea is still there somewhere. And with careful positioning I glued the little darling to the top of the box. Not as easy as it looks I found out, as the flower was like very fine paper.
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  1. Jen that is A Darling of a Box!!! Beautiful really, must get make a few more wee boxes myself. What a neat idea!!! Well Done.

  2. Tis nice ay! Keeping that for myself, cause I can! Haha. Yeah thanks Leeanne, nice to get a comment, quite exciting..... oooow look someones left a comment. Big kid aren't I! Hope your day is going good.