Friday, September 18, 2009

It's overcast and looks like rain on the way.....

But hey it's my Mums birthday today, and we might be doing lunch or dinner! I baked a fruit cake yesterday and cut it into four little cakes and iced one for her, put a candle in the middle, no room for 83 of them! And I like to give her her own little cake in a special made box as well. No jewellery this year, she has enough! So we are giving her a stereo, small one of course so it can go beside the bed or on a table or in the kitchen..... whateva! And as well as having the CD system it also has a cassette deck, Mum has loads of cassettes and now she can play them to her hearts content. Sam (daughter of mine) has sent her two Dean Martin CD's and she thinks she has to come round to ours to play them....heheheheh. That's what she thinks! Anyway here's a pic of the cake, whoops the icing sort of slipped off a bit.

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