Friday, February 18, 2011

I hope this year gets better than it is now.....

Rest up darling Pooh. I've got lots of cotton wool here all ready for you. Safe travels.
Daisy, you are a funny bunny. Don't go too soon.

Too many nasty things have happened I don't want to waffle about.
It's got to get better, although there will be some sadness along the way.
I've started beading again and that's therapeutic. Perhaps some photos will appear one day.
I'll be glad when it's Autumn, summer heat doesn't agree with me. I want the wind to blow, cool and fresh. Clear my head. Give me back some energy that the heat soaks up. A bit of rain would be nice.

Oh stop bloody complaining! Go to bed and read your book. Awake re-freshed and read some more. All for now.

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