Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well it got even worse didn't it.....

Not personally that is, but for dear poor Christchurch, a city I love, just about in ruins. And all those poor people. In Blenheim we get the odd quake rumble, and now when one happens it makes you more aware of how awful it would be to get struck by the 'big one'. It doesn't bear thinking about. We have to live each day as if it's our last, even days when you just feel like curling up and staying in bed for the day, at least make an effort to smell the roses. Eat something you really love, even if it puts a few inches on that waist line. Ok that's a bit over the top! Get a grip Jen, no one wants extra inches around any part of the bod. Talking of eating....... daughter Sam is a gem in the kitchen, she has whipped up cakes, biscuits and now muffins while staying and having time out with us. Top photo is the fruit and chocolate biscuits.And bottom is the ginger and pear muffins. Cake is in the freezer, what's left of it! Oh yes, and it's vegan recipes. I'm an easy recipe girl me, rock cakes and fruit cake are my favourites. Yes I'm a lazy baker. But I do love to whip up interesting salads. But more about that another day.

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